Land and construction loan

Land and construction loan

Land loan

When you are interested to purchase or to refinance a vacant land, then land loan is available to you.

Construction loan

When you already have a purchased vacant land, and you need the loan to construct on top of the purchased vacant land, then this loan is available to you.

The home loan process

  1. Please make an appointment with us
  2. We’ll give home loan recommendation to you based on your circumstances.
  3. You pick a suitable home loan and let us know.
  4. Lodge your home loan application to us with the required documentations.
  5. Wait for your home loan offer from your selected lender
  6. Accept your home loan offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?

This will depend on your financial circumstances, and also the specific lending policies of a lender.

What is my monthly repayment?

There are numerous factors that determines how much you need to repay. These includes: the loan amount, the interest rate and the loan term. Click here to try the repayment calculator

What documentation do I need for the home loan?

Yes! It can be confusing and frustrating on the number of document required to apply for home loan. Summary of required documents and why we need it, 100 points identification check, e.g. Driver licence, passport (This is to ensure we lending to the right person and it is not someone else borrowing on your behalf ) Proof of rental income: Current tenancy agreement, or current rental statement or rental appraisal from real estate agent. (This will help increase your income and often increase your borrowing amount) Most recent statement of all liabilities, such as home loan, personal/car loan, credit card, etc. (Lender would like to know how much debt you currently have, whether you can afford to borrow more) If you are a PAYG applicant, you are also required to provide Two most recent consecutive payslips (support your income amount) Latest group certificate (support your income amount) If you are a Self-employed applicant, personal and partnerships, you are also required to provide Tax returns from the past two years and most recent year’s Tax Assessment Notice (support your income amount) If you are a Self-employed applicant, company, in addition to personal tax returns and assessment, you are also required to provide Company tax returns,Balance sheets and P&L statements from the past two years (support your income amount) Besides these, some documents are also required based on different purposes of new purchase or refinance: If new purchase Proof of funds (shows that you have sufficient cash to complete the purchase together with the loan borrowed) Copy of contract of sales (shows that you have purchased the property and the loan is used to complete this contract of sales) Most recent council rate notices for property (Proof of ownership of your existing property, often required if you take out home loan from existing property to buy an investment property. ) If refinance your existing loan Home loans statements for the past 6 months (shows the lender who is your current lender, how much loan outstanding and how much you paying per month)

What if I am not so certain what to do?

You are always welcomed to consult our professional & friendly team of brokers.

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