Commercial Loan

The commercial solution at SAMLoans

SAMLoans understands the demands of the businesses and offers solution for businesses. Our commercial solution covers all the aspects a business may need.

Commercial Loan

Helps you to purchase or refinance commercial property.

Business Loan

Helps you to purchase a business.

Business Equipment Loan

Helps you to purchase the business equipments.

What is refinance?

Refinance means to replace your existing mortgage with another one.

Why refinance?

Commercial Loan

We have two types of commercial loan products, full doc and simple doc.

Full doc

More loan and lower interest rate is achievable by providing your full financial information.

Simple Doc

Loan without the need of providing your full financial information.

Full doc Simple Doc
Interest Rate 4%-5% depends on LVR 5%-6% depends on LVR
Loan Amount $5 million (<=70% LVR)
$1 million (<75% LVR)
<=$900,000 (<=65% LVR)
Repayment Principle & Interest or
Interest only
Principle & Interest or
Interest only

Business Loan

Business loan helps you to purchase a business. It can be an unsecured loan.

Business equipment loan

The business equipment loan enables to you get the loan you need to purchase business equipment.

Examples of business equipment

The loan process

  1. Please make an appointment with us
  2. We’ll give loan recommendations to you based on your circumstances.
  3. You pick a suitable loan and let us know.
  4. Lodge your loan application to us with the required documentations.
  5. Wait for your loan offer from your selected lender
  6. Accept your loan offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?

This will depend on your financial circumstances, and also the specific lending policies of a lender.

What is my monthly repayment?

There are numerous factors that determines how much you need to repay. These includes: the loan amount, the interest rate and the loan term. Click here to try the repayment calculator

What if I am not so certain what to do?

You are always welcomed to consult our professional & friendly team of brokers.

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