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Owner-occupied home loan

Investment home loan

What does owner-occupied home loan mean?

An owner occupied home loan allows you to borrow the amount needed to purchase an existing home, build a new property or renovate your existing building.

What does the investment home loan mean?

A type of home loan where you are the home owner & with the intention to rent it out to receive income from it.

What is refinance?

Refinancing is when you switch your home loan to a new lender. It's often done to get a lower with lower interest rates or fees, or when circumstances change.

Why refinance?

Top Products

Owner Occupier Loan Investment Loan
Interest rate 2.73% variable or
2.29% (3 Year Fixed)
3.14% variable or
2.59% fixed
Comparison rate 2.96% variable or
2.91% fixed
3.55% variable or
3.02% fixed
Loan Amount Minimum $150,000 Minimum $150,000
Repayment Principal & Interest Principle & Interest
Term 25 years 25 years
Application fee As per bank As per bank
Lender Local bank Local bank

Additional notes

The home loan process

  1. Please make an appointment with us
  2. We’ll give home loan recommendation to you based on your circumstances.
  3. You pick a suitable home loan and let us know.
  4. Lodge your home loan application to us with the required documentations.
  5. Wait for your home loan offer from your selected lender
  6. Accept your home loan offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?

Different lenders have different lending policies and the amount of loan can be offered.

The difference can be significant sometimes with the same with the same circumstances.

Welcomed to speak to our brokers to seek professional advice.

What is my monthly repayment?

There are numerous factors that determines how much you need to repay. These includes: the loan amount, the interest rate and the loan term. Click here to try the repayment calculator

What documentation do I need for the home loan?

  • 100 points identification check, e.g. copy of passport and Driver’s licence.
  • Employer Letter for PAYG borrowers.
  • Copy of Contract of Sales for new purchase.
  • Most recent 6 months loan statement if refinancing.
  • Evidence of funds to complete for new purchase.
  • Employer Letter for PAYG borrowers.
  • Proof of deposit payments and stamp duty.
  • Proof of rental income if applicable, e.g. rental statement, lease agreement.
  • Rental Opinion from Real Estate Agent if applicable.
  • Copy of most recent Council rate statement for existing property.
  • Group certificate and individual tax returns might be required for part time employee or borrowers with commission/bonus income.
  • Liabilities if applicable, e.g. credit cards statement, student loan, personal loan,car loan.
  • PAYG borrowers – two most recent consecutive payslips and 3 months’ salary credit showing your income and living expenses.
  • Self Employed borrowers – two years business financial report and tax returns and two years individual tax returns plus latest year’s Notice of assessment.

What if I am not so certain what to do?

You are always welcomed to consult our professional & friendly team of brokers.

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