Credit Asset Management Ltd trading as SAMLoans

Credit Asset Management Ltd. (Australian Public Company), is one of the leading mortgage servicing company in Australia especially Asian communities, managing more than $1.2 Billion credit portfolio.

SAMLoans was established in March 1999, is now a specialized multi-tiered service provider to the mortgage brokering industry and presents an alternative for mortgage brokers.

SAMLoans supports brokers though its role as a mortgage manager and the brokers can also take advantage of SAMLoan’s aggregation model. SAMLoans targets not only the Australian market, but the broader Asia-Pacific geography, and uses its invaluable personnel capital to focus on Asian customer and Australian citizens.

As strategic cooperation partners, we had set-up real estate businesses that operating in the same offices of SAMLoans, to be able to target the same client base and brokers channels for both of our mortgage business and real estate business.

Our Team

Tel:07 3323 8001

​Mandarin English

QLD State Manager

Jacky Wang


Tel:0421 824 053

Mandarin English

QLD Lending Manager

Tom Xing


Tel:0434 390 379

​Mandarin Cantonese English

VIC Lending Manager

Gary Yip

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Tel:0416 100 833

​Mandarin English

NSW Lending Manager

Hedy Huang


Tel:07 3323 8001

​Mandarin English

QLD Credit Manager

Eva Fang


Tel:1300 669 360

Mandarin English

Customer Service Manager

Sherice Sun

Peter sam-059_edited.jpg

Tel:0416 270 821

​Mandarin English

NSW State Manager

Peter Zheng


Tel:0413 775 763

Mandarin Cantonese Vietnamese English

QLD Lending Manager

Amy Deng


Tel:0410 538 956

Korean English

QLD Lending Manager

Paul Jekal

WeChat Image_20180426113910_edited_edite

Tel:1300 669 360

Mandarin Cantonese English

NSW Credit Manager

Renee Yan


Tel:1300 669 360

Mandarin Cantonese English

Operations Manager

Beecham Hu


Tel:0430 029 258

Mandarin English

QLD Lending Manager

Cathy Cai

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ABN: 98 094 294 363

Australian Credit License: 381725

Established in 1999, previously known as Credit Mortgage and Strategic Alliance Mortgage (SAM)



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